SleepSat Device Connection Trouble-shooting 

The following article pertains to the oximeters pictured below. To trouble-shoot Minolta Pulsox-300i connection issues instead, click here.

Note that it may take 2-3 seconds for the "Waiting for Device..." message to disappear. If there is no data on the device, you can confirm it is connected by looking for the "Clear Device Recordings" and "Set Device Clock" options in the tasks menu on the left.

Check for installation or software problems:

1)  Verify your Operating System is Windows 10 or more recent. Windows 7/Vista/XP, Server, Remote desktop, and Virtual Machine environments are not supported.

2) Is Device Fully Charged?

  • Plug in the oximeter. On the display, do you see:
    1.  "chg" with flashing lines?  
      • Plug the device into a wall charger for 6 hours or until "chg" with three static lines underneath "- - -" is shown.
    2.  Is there nothing on the oximeter display screen at all?  
      • Plug the device into a wall charger overnight if the display is completely blank when plugged in.
    3.  "chg" with 3 static lines underneath "- - -"
      • The device is charged. Move to the next step.

3) Open the SatScreen Connection Center. Try connecting to different USB ports on the computer & recheck the connection status in the SatScreen Connection Center each time.

  •  If not detected, move to the next step.

4) Re-Install SleepSat Driver. Download and install the most recent SleepSat Driver.

5) Check for Interfering Devices:

Certain USB devices, such as other oximeters or HST connection cables/adapters, wireless keyboards/mice/signature pads, BlueTooth USB hubs, and multi-USB ports, can disrupt the connection and lead to the "Device not connected" message.

  1. To check for these, go to: Control Panel > Devices & Printers. In the "Unspecified" Section at the bottom... Is there anything besides SleepSat Listed?
  • If yes> Right-click on other Devices to Eject or instruct the customer to disconnect this device manually by unplugging it from the USB port. Re-check Connection Status. 

Check Hardware problems: 

1) Swap the micro-USB with a different micro-USB cable. 

  • If it works with a different cable,  you may be eligible for a replacement if your oximeter is still under warranty.

2) If you have two SleepSat devices: 

  • Does the other SleepSat device connect as expected? If yes, contact support for advanced trouble-shooting, or to determine if possible repair or replacement is necessary.

3) Try installing the SatScreen Connection Center App on a different computer if possible. 

4) Contact support for advanced trouble-shooting, or to determine if possible repair or replacement is necessary.