During typical use, the SatScreen Connection Center will display the message "Syncing Device" while it is downloading data from your pulse oximeter. Meanwhile, the display screen on the oximeter will display a count down showing progress.

If the "Syncing Device" message remains on the computer screen and the oximeter display shows "chg" or "ch9", performing the following steps may resolve the problem:

  1. Close the SatScreen Connection Center App. Disconnect the micro-USB cable from both the oximeter and the computer.
  2. Next, turn ON the oximeter. Make sure it is turned on *before* re-connecting the USB cable. Once the oximeter display shows "Prob off", reconnect the micro-USB cable to the oximeter and to the computer.
  3. Open the Connection Center app. Confirm the App displays "Syncing Device" and that the count down begins on the oximeter display screen.

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