To test if the device is recording, plug in the finger sensor and perform a short test recording on someone in your office with unpolished nails. 

1) Obtain a test recording:

  • Put the SleepSat on your wrist and finger. When putting on the sensor, insert the finger fully until the fingertip is at the end of the sensor (go to for detailed instructions). 
  • Next, press and hold down the yellow power button on the SleepSat until lights and numbers appear on the screen.
  • Keep your hand at rest and allow the device to record for at least 2 minutes. 
  • Remove the sensor. Allow the SleepSat to power down on its own.
2) Check that the recording is available:
  • Open the connection Center app on your computer, turn the SleepSat ON then connect the USB cable. 
  • After syncing, select "Show ALL Recordings" (this is on the right, below the patient identifiers section). Check to see if your 2-minute recording is available.
    • (IMPORTANT: The recording is too short to show up in the default view ("Show sleep studies that match criteria." Therefore, it is important to make sure you select the "Show all recordings" button.
Next Steps:
If it is recording, it may be something that can be remedied through patient instruction or charging habits.
  • Have your patients view the instructions at
    • TIP: Have staff ask the patient to demonstrate these steps back to show comprehension.
    • If the sensor moves or falls off during the night, or if they wake up and see that the sensor light is not on, instruct the patient to hold down the power button until it starts back up.
  • Use the right probe. If your patient's finger is smaller than average, a small probe or a disposable probe perform better. Disposable probes may also be better suited for patients with larger than average fingers or in patients with low blood pressure or poor perfusion.
  • If the patient is expected to be a restless sleeper instruct them to tape the sensor to the back of the finger, or consider using a disposable adhesive sensor.
  • Charging the device fully before administering, between test nights, and for at least an hour before downloading will remedy most issues caused by charging.

If you cannot find your test recording, contact our support team at or 888.666.0635 for additional assistance.