Oximeter display backlight flashing? Charge, unplug, rest and reset.

Is your SleepSat or Choicemmed hi-res oximeter displaying the behavior in this short clip? Processes may not close properly if the battery gets too low, which may result in unexpected behavior from your device. Try the charge, unplug, rest, and reset steps to reboot the device. Then, avoid allowing the battery level to get too low by charging the device in between uses and before downloading studies. 


Plug the device into a wall charger for at least 30 minutes. Do not use a computer USB port. The display backlight will continue to flash periodically during this time. 


Unplug the device. The display screen may still flash after unplugging.


Allow the device to sit untouched for 5-10 minutes, or until the display screen stops flashing.


Next, turn back on the device by pressing the power button until the lights and numbers appear. Allow it to shut down on its own. This completes the reboot process. If you need to download studies or clear the device, turn on the SleepSat, plug it into the computer, and open the SatScreen Connection Center app. Otherwise, reconnect to a wall charger and finish charging the device fully.