How to tell if it is an anti-virus vs firewall issue: 

Are you clicking on the download link and nothing is happening? This is typically a pop-up blocker or browser setting

  1. Ensure you are using Chrome or Firefox. Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer / Edge are not supported.
  2. Does anything in the address bar indicate a pop-up has been blocked? (usually a message or an "X" that appears just to the right or left of the address bar)
    •  If yes- right click and "Allow popups from this site. Retry downloading the installer link.
  3. Click CTRL + J to see if it appears in their download history, 
    • If yes, double-click on the installer to run.

Are you getting a warning blocking the app when trying to download or run the Connection Center installer? This is typically an Anti-virus or Windows security setting.

  1. Verify you downloaded the installer from our website (,, or and that the installer is named "PatientSafetyConnectionCenterSetup.exe" 
  2. Once you have verified that it is our installer, see if you able to click "Allow", "Continue anyway", or (Remove from quarantine) to any messages that appear.
    •  If you are restricted from doing this, you will need to contact the System's Administrator (i.e. the person who set up or manages the computer) This is usually an IT service provider in these instances.

Are you able to get the app/device drivers installed, but now you receive a "Not Logged In" message AND receive a "please check internet and firewall settings" when trying to start a report download?

  1. Check that you are connected to the Internet. (Open up a browser and search for something like
  2. If you are on the Internet and receiving this message it is likely the firewall. If you have an IT provider or System's admin, this person will need to make sure the three URL's below are whitelisted:

While we cannot guarantee the service will work unless you have full administrative rights, one of the above will resolve most security installation issues. If another app or security restriction on the computer is preventing you from downloading, installing or using the connection center, you will need to contact your IT provider or System Admin to resolve the issue.