Here are a few easy ways to help minimize error signal: 

  • Wear the oximeter probe on ring or pinky finger of non-dominant hand.
  • Secure the probe.
    1. Place the probe on the finger (cable facing the back of the hand), then use a cloth probe cover over top of the probe to hold it in place. 
2.  You can also secure the oximeter by using a small strip of medical tape to tape the probe cord loosely to the back of the hand as shown above. *The probe should not be taped to the finger as this may restrict bloodflow.    
  • Do not turn oximeter ON until ready to sleep.
  • If the patient gets up during the night, request he/she to turn the oximeter off when getting out of bed, and be sure to turn it back ON when returning.
  • Turn OFF the oximeter at the end of each night.
  • The first night may have more error as the patient adjusts to sleeping with the oximeter, therefore some practices record 2-3 nights, then generate the report for the last night or all nights.

To learn more about the causes of error and how error is displayed in SatScreen Reports, click on the article link below or visit our trouble-shooting section: 

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