If you are traveling outside the US, or your computer is using a Date, Time and Number format that is not "English (United States)" you may have to make a small change to your computer settings to download your SatScreen report. This video shows an example of a report that hasn't generated properly due to regional differences in language, then shows you how to quickly change these settings before opening the Patient Safety Connection Center App. 

NOTE: You will create a shortcut so you can easily change your settings back once you have finished using the Patient Safety Connection Center App to create your reports. This is shown in the video.

Steps in video are as follows:

  - Click on Start, and type in "Date & Time Settings"

  - Click on "Date & Time Settings"

  - Scroll down and click on the link to "Additional Date, Time, and 

    Regional Settings"

  - Drag and Drop the Regional section to your Desktop

  - Click on this shortcut to change the Date, Time and Number 


  - Under Format: Select "English (United States)"

  - Click "Apply" 

  - Click "Okay"

  - Close/Re-open the Connection Center App and download the 

    report again.

  - When finished with your session, change your settings back.

NOTICE: Before getting started, please be aware that SatScreen Analysis reporting software is FDA cleared, and the software works best with the PC’s region/language setting set to “English” during the time of upload. The SleepSat oximeter has FDA and CE clearance. Any use of this system is at your own discretion and that, by which, you assume responsibility for ensuring your use of the software is within the guidelines of any and all applicable governing and/or regulatory bodies overseeing such use.