Click the attached PDF below for the Provider's Quick Start Guide. This guide provides instruction for Preparation, Installation and Use of the Patient Safety Connection Center and SatScreen Software with the Minolta Pulsox-300i Oximeter.


  1. Connection Center Installer (click link to download)
  2. Patient Safety Account Username & Password (Haven't signed up? Register Here. Don't Remember? Reset Password.)
  3. Installation Privileges on Computer
  4. Oximeter, Adapter Box & Connection Cables (Konica Minolta PULSOX-300i Oxygen Saturation Monitor, UA Cable, UA-300 USB Adapter, USB Cable)
  5. AAA Battery
  6. Attached Provider's Guide




Step 1: Install the Connection Center App

  • Refer to the attached guide. You will need to have installation privileges on your computer to install. You may install the Connection Center App on as many Windows based systems as you would like. The Connection Center is not compatible with Mac OS.

Step 2: Open & Log In to the Patient Safety Connection Center Software.  
  • Double-click on the “Patient Safety Connection Center” shortcut on your desktop to open the application.  
  • Looking to the upper left hand corner of the Connection Center application go to Options > Settings. Enter your username and password in the Web Services Login box, and then click on "Save Settings".

Step 3: Verify Oximeter is Detected When Plugged In and Turned ON.
  • Plug in and turn ON the oximeter. The “Waiting for the Device” message in the Patient Safety Connection Center will disappear after a moment.

Step 4: Quick Use Guide 
  • Once you are logged in and the device is detected, you are ready to begin using it! Refer to page 2 of the attached guide for a brief How-To.


(!) The Konica Minolta PULSOX -300i Oxygen Saturation Monitor should be used with approved accessories. Refer to the current Konica Minolta PULSOX UA-300i manufacturer’s user manual for instructions for use, approved accessories, battery life and other important product and safety information.